My first blog post on Corriere della Sera

I finally got my act together and wrote my first post on the Silicon Valley blog on Corriere della Sera online (thanks to Marco for inviting me to write).

The event that finally prompted me to write… is here.


Why Facebook should sell your data

We are drowning in irrelevant advertising. Some are inspired by it, most ignore it, some would like to get more relevant ad messages.

I have been convinced for a while now that selling user data is one of the most direct and potentially lucrative ways social networks can achieve the kind of revenues that would justify their valuations. A recent article on Facebook’s intention to “cash in” on user data reminded me of a recent conversation.

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Monaco Media Forum coming up

In just two years (the 2008 edition is its third one), the Monaco Media Forum has established itself as a major appointment in the digital media conference calendar. The 2008 edition takes place on Nov 12-14 and the Taglift crew is on its way. This year the attendees list and the roster of speakers is as impressive as it gets. You can follow the event on a special socialmedian site.

I have been invited to participate in a panel on “user-generated data” moderated by Esther Dyson with Richard Cooperstein of Facebook, Auren Hoffman of Rapleaf, Mattias Miksche of Stardoll and Lisa Suonio of Dopplr.

Looking forward to it.

Photo by rsepulveda