Me in 2005: the resume infographic that wasn’t

Infographics are all the rage these days. They are produced by companies large and small, agencies, market research firms… Everybody. They are also being used as personal branding and job-search tools. There are even applications that create infographics out of resume data!

Well, while doing some housekeeping on my files I came across a couple of documents that I created back in 2005, when I still was on the job market. I did not know that then, but they were in fact job search infographics: a Personal Blueprint and a Resume Timeline. :)

I never actually sent them to employers. I remember showing them to a good friend from business school, someone whose opinion I trusted, and he advised me not to use them. He thought they were too “cute” and “gimmicky” and were going to hurt my chances. So I shelved them.

Maybe I was just too early to market.