BAIA has a new website

BAIA, the nonprofit business network I am proud to serve as Executive Director, has a whole new set of web properties. We are starting the new decade with a bang.

BAIA is first and foremost a community, so it comes at no surprise that BAIA Link, our online social network, has become a reference resource for BAIA members and friends. The network is on its way to reach 1,000 members early this year and all performance indicators are on the upswing. Very good.


Do you work on Sundays?

I sometimes work on Sundays. Usually not more than 2 or 3 hours, but still… I find it easier to start the week with the right energy and velocity if I take some time to prep on a weekend. Last Sunday was an exception, in that I spent the entire day and most of the night at my desk. While at it, I wondered how many in my extended circle shared this habit. So I ran a quick Linkedin poll.

Linkedin Poll Sunday work overall results

Turns out I am not alone. In fact, about only 14% of the respondents never work on Sundays and almost half (47%) work on Sundays often (2-3 times a month!)

Linkedin Poll Sunday work company size results

More interestingly, the results suggest a strong inverse correlation between the size of the company you work for and the chances that you will work on Sundays. The self-employed/startup/small biz people work harder?